Horst Miracle Probe for Black Water Tanks

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These probes are designed for RVs built to RVIA, IAPMO and CSA standards and connect to existing wires and monitors.

Horst miracle probes are designed to provide a more accurate indication of the waste levels in your RV's holding tank. These probes are longer than your average probe, which helps to prevent false probe contact with buildup on the sides of the tanks and incorrect sensor readings. The body of the probe is made with Delrin and a Teflon tube surrounds the sensor. The Teflon forms a protective coating over the sensor to prevent toilet paper and waste buildup on top of the probe. 

Monitors for RV black water tanks show a full reading when electricity flows between the sensors. This can be because the tank is full or there is sludge on the probes and sides of the holding tank. It can be incredibly frustrating to empty a tank and still see a full reading on the monitor. 

Thanks to the protective roof on the sensor, a complete electrical circuit will only be made when your tank is full and the sludge or water makes contact with the copper tips of the Horst Miracle Probe. This gives you an accurate indication of when your tank needs to be emptied. 

Horst Miracle Probes are easy to install and can be installed in most existing holes or installed next to the old probes. The probes fit a 3/8" diameter hole. 

How to Install:  

  1. Remove existing sensors from the holes in your black water tank
  2. Replace with Miracle Probes
  3. Now that the Miracle Probes are in the holes, tighten the nut on each probe to create a leakproof seal.
  4. Connect existing wiring to the new probes. 
  5. Rotate the exterior stud so that the milled flat section of the stud is aiming down and the Teflon roof is covering the copper tip of the probe
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